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The Perfect Water.
No Taste!!!

Electrolytes - Hydration / Caffeine - Focus / pH Balance - Health

The Perfect Water is quite a claim, but 3 was developed as the healthy alternative to high-fructose soft drinks, energy drinks, artificially sweetened water and coffee.
3 - achieves all of this without any taste.

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Infused with Electrolytes

Nature built your body.
We help you maintain it.

Electrolyte-infused for Replenishment.

Electrolytes help your body's chemistry, muscle action and other processes.

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50mg Natural Caffeine

Nature formed your mind.
We help you focus it.

With Natural Caffeine.

Caffeine from coffee beans contain many healthful properties.

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7+ Enhanced pH Balance

Nature provides balance.
We tip it in your favor.

pH Balanced for health.

Empowered, healthy decisions for wellness and inner peace.

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0 Calories

Nature provided the
pure spring water.

We perfected it.