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    Drink Healthy

    drink healthyWater makes up for more than half of our
    body weight and is essential for good health

  • Stay Focu3ed

    Stay FocusedCaffeine affects your brain in positive ways and
    can help your mental focus and coordination

  • Healthy Life3tyle

    Healthy LifestyleDrink a refreshing, great tasting, 0 calorie beverage
    that promotes health, hydration and focus

  • Stay Hydrated

    Stay HydratedThe #1 trigger to fatigue is dehydration and
    75% of us are chronically dehydrated

  • Our Philo3ophy

    Our PhilosophyThink wealthy–drink healthy, because focus is to success
    as hydration and pH balance is to good health

  • Quench Thir3t

    Quench Thirst37% of people mistake thirst for hunger
    and will eat instead of drinking

  • pH Balance

    pH BalancepH balanced to help your body fight free radicals
    and to flush cellular toxins to prevent disease

  • Phy3ical Fitness

    Physical FitnessCaffeine eases the muscle pains of exercising,
    with significant pain reduction in quadriceps

  • Repleni3hment

    ReplenishmentThe average person loses about 90 ounces
    of water every day from normal activities

  • Maintain Balance

    Maintain BalanceRelaxation is important to good health because
    stress affects our ability to focus and cope